Hans Digital is the #1 Social Media Marketing Company

We help you with branding, social media and content because a winning digital strategy is the key to growth, success, and market capture.

Social Media is the new website. You must be on it, use it, and master it to grow your business. 

We know how to engage with people in a way that creates a relationship. By building trust and value, you gain a lifetime customer that loves and promotes your brand, purchases what you have to offer, and tells others about it.



Hans Digital will come alongside of you to help tell your story and position your brand in the social media market place.

To build your brand, Hans Digital will create a strategy and implement it on your behalf.

We will engage your brand and help you stand out from your competition through our thorough market research, SWOT analysis and social media audit. 


Social Media

Hans Digital will serve you on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp.

We also providing paid advertising services on Google AdWords, Waze, Reddit, and Amazon.

By increase your engagement, likes, followers, hashtag usage, influencer management, and community, you will  become a thought leader.  



Hans Digital will create and curate content on your behalf.

This means we will create the visuals, infographics, memes, quotes and short videos.

Social media is about building relationships and we will use content to help customers engage your brand, promote your brand, and become a part of your story.

Think of social media as the internet. I can’t think of anyone betting against the internet in 2012.
— Gary Vaynerchuk